Write Your Damn Book by Natalie Sisson
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Write Your Damn Book

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Welcome to Write the Damn Book
Welcome beautiful
2 Powerful Steps to Get Your Book Written
Writing Habit Tracker.pdf
36.5 KB
Two tools to write your book with
7 mins
The Mini Book Proposal Template
11 mins
Book Training Lessons
Lesson 1. Your Author and Book Marketing Plan
29 mins
Lesson 2. 6 Options to Publish Your Book
27 mins
Lesson 2. Beyond the Book - Monetise your awesome
12 mins
Lesson 4. How to use Reedsy to find a team to self publish your book
10 mins
Fireside Chats with Guest Experts
Chandler Bolt's 3 Step Writing Process
Write Your Way To Six Figures with Dan Norris
Torre De Roche's Book Adventures
Bestselling book into a business with Jonathan Fields
Chris Guillebeau - NYTimes Bestselling Author
36 mins
Sage Advice from Author Coach Azul Terronez
54 mins
Live Writing Call Recordings
Week 1 CoWriting Session 1
Week 1 CoWriting Session 2
18 mins
Week 2 CoWriting Session 1
59 mins
Week 2 CoWriting Session 2
(1h 06m 23s)
Week 3 CoWriting Session 1
(1h 01m 58s)
Week 3 CoWriting Session 2
(1h 08m 23s)
Week 4 CoWriting Session 1
33 mins
Week 5 CoWriting Session 1
56 mins
Week 5 CoWriting Session 2
(1h 31m 04s)
Week 6 CoWriting Session 1
(1h 06m 51s)
Week 7 CoWriting Session 1
55 mins
Week 7 CoWriting Session 2
(1h 05m 22s)
Week 8 CoWriting Session 1
60 mins
Week 8 CoWriting Session 2
(1h 03m 15s)
Bonus Coaching Call Recordings
Coaching Call 1
(1h 00m 26s)
Coaching Call 2
60 mins