$10K Club by Natalie Sisson

$10K Club

Come grab your invite only seat in the $10K Club.

A membership of hyper-focused mastery, mentoring and masterminding designed to get you earning $10k a month in your business and 10X growth in you! 

You've got a BIG vision to build a successful business you love that has a lasting impact on the world

Yet the reality of what you thought your business would look like by now is completely different to how it really is, right?
  • You know you have what it takes, and you know where you add value to your clients' lives, but it's not converting into consistent sales.
  • That inconsistent monthly revenue has you chasing all sorts of bright, shiny objects to make sure you cover costs.
  • Meanwhile, the things you really want to work on, that you know will make a difference, are relegated to second place as you prioritise client work and urgent tasks. 
  • Worse, you start each day with no real plan of action or priorities and you get pulled in every direction. You feel totally unfocused and like you're running on a hamster wheel.
  • Self-doubt, procrastination and perfectionism are crushing your dreams before they even have a chance to get off the ground. 
  • You’re caught between desperately wanting to realise your vision and being too afraid to start. 

The truth is, you and your business already have everything it takes to score consistent $10k months.

And this is not a pipedream. The fundamentals of getting paid to be you and building a thriving online business aren't rocket science.

When you activate them inside your business, the hidden profits start to unfurl.  It's entirely achievable if you're willing to learn, apply, be coachable and commit.

Consistent $10k months that let you....

  • Wake up whenever you damn well, please, knowing that you can make choices for the day that suit you, not your clients agenda.
  • Produce a profitable online offer that keeps on bringing in leads and sales, even when you're on holiday
  • Enjoy a thriving business that lights you up and gives you joy and purpose.
  • Hire a dream team that lets you do more of what you love and not be the roadblock in your business
  • Have the financial freedom to invest in your self, your business and others without checking your bank account!

The not-so-secret 'secret' 3 steps to doing this

Set Your Focus

Crystalise your vision, live your why, grasp your unfair advantage and unleash the money mindset you deserve.

Take Action

Set hyper-focused goals, be held accountable by like-minded ambitious women and turn your intentions into action.

Track Income

Measure your milestones, scale your impact and watch your income levels leap! 

OK Nat, if it's that easy, why aren't I already doing it?

Yeah, I had the same question about two years into my business too. 

From the outside, I looked like I had it all figured out. I had a growing community that was super engaged with my work as the Suitcase Entrepreneur.

My digital product offerings were striking a chord and bringing in decent revenue and my email list was consistently converting readers into customers.

Yet every month, I felt like I had to hustle to make bank. Like I had to work even harder than the last month, in order to grow.

By year three, I had figured out a better business plan, hired a few folks and gotten more strategic about my systems. But it was still a lot of hard work for not a lot of money.

By year four things had started to change.

I'd invested a ton of time, blood, sweat and tears (no, for real), into learning how a profitable online business actually works. Most importantly, I’d spent years nurturing and serving my community and I knew them inside and out.

Here's what I did with all that I'd learned:

  • I committed to doing the work that matters. I'd followed and modelled experts I admired, bought their courses and implemented what they taught me, and things were falling into place.
  • I focused on ONE key offering and ditched creating all other digital products, even though they served me well.
  • I designed and launched my signature program - my 12-week Freedom Plan - and went all in.
  • I presold 30 spots on my pilot launch with ZERO marketing. This made me $15,000 in just a few weeks. 
  • I doubled down and launched again. I continued to refine, improve, test and invest in multiple launches over the next 3 years.
  • I consistently worked on what it took to do a big launch. I hired the right people, invested in advertising, nailed my messaging, got my sales funnel right and set up systems.
  • I began multiplying my revenue streams

I took my proven approach and introduced new revenue streams to complement my existing ones and build resilience into my business. 

I had my most successful launch, welcomed 180 members and made $180,000 in profit!

That turned out to be my first $250,000 year, taking into account my other seven passive revenue streams I'd set up over the years.

This was a surreal but monumental moment as I realised I had done what I'd set out to do: build a multiple six-figure business around my ideal lifestyle and doing work I loved.

And here's the truth: the only thing stopping me from doing that sooner was ME.

  • I did not believe that I was capable of building and scaling a business from scratch.
  • I sabotaged myself in the first few years by not going all in.
  • By not focusing on the revenue generating activities, by prioritising all the other stuff. 

Does this ring true for you too?

Deep down, do you know that you are consistently putting off doing the work that matters, because 'shock horror' what if you did and it actually worked?

You ignore your business plan or goals, month after month, because what if it actually worked and your business took off, earning you consistent four- and five-figure months? 

Or worse, you don't actually have a clear business model in place, and don't track any of your activities to know what's working.

Or you ignore what's working in your business and instead spend your time doing the things you enjoy, because that instant gratification makes you feel good...for a moment.

Or you believe that if you just work long and hard enough your business will one day succeed. You repeat daily mantras and affirmations to yourself while not really believing in yourself or your potential.

If you're nodding your head to any or all of these statements, I see you and I feel you. I've been there too. 

So I've gone ahead and designed the step-by-step method that gives you those three fundamental business-building, income-increasing approaches so you can create the highly profitable, impactful business of your dreams. 

It's time, my friend, to take yourself seriously and get seriously profitable.

Welcome to the Club - the $10K Club!

A hyper-focused membership of mastery, mentoring and masterminding designed to get you earning $10k a month in your business and 10X growth in you!

Lady, it's time to align your vision with actions and get you the income you deserve!

I’m not here to waste your precious time. 

I’m here to turn your time into income, and your income into impact - in your life and the life of those you want to serve most in this world.


The fundamentals of getting paid to be you and building a thriving online business aren't rocket science.

When you activate them inside your business, the hidden profits start to unleash.   

It's entirely achievable if you're willing to learn, apply, be coachable and commit.

So let me break down how we will do this by using my unique framework pictured to the right.


This club is built on three very important foundations.

Each foundation is delivered as a mini-training over the first 90 days. You’ll learn: 

Why your WHY needs to deeply move you 
Why your Unfair Advantage is about leveraging YOU
How your Mindset is the key to your success
Magnetic Message - why you deserve to stand out
Audience Attraction - why to work with your ideal avatar, always
Powerful Platform - how to choose your voice and use it wisely
Profitable Offers -  how to diversify your income streams
Fabulous Funnel - choosing the path to consistent sales
Automate + Scale - finding the path to time and money freedom


Yes you read that right. 

Coaches ask you the right questions and let you uncover the answers for yourself.  This is powerful and creates transformation from within.

Mentors tell you the answers you need so you can get on with doing the work. This is also super valuable, as you can get out of your own way and take action.

That is why when you get me, you get moaching - a combination of these two methods for getting the best out of you, depending on what you need in the moment. 

And that, right there, that’s a lethal combination - in all the right ways. 

I’ve been powerfully moaching clients since 2011. It will ensure you develop your:

  1. Entrepreneurial mindset 
  2. Business fundamentals
  3. Habits and rituals 
You get twice-monthly LIVE group moaching calls with me

You’ll get to attend one of two monthly LIVE 60-minute group moaching calls (one of these will be at a time that perfectly suits your timezone).

During this call, if you applied for a hotseat, you will get my undivided attention on you and your key challenge, so we can get you over your hump or bump and onto making progress towards your goals. 

There will be 4-5 hot seats per 60-minute call, and if you’re not in the hot seat  you will be learning just as much as the person with their ass on the line, trust me!
Plus you get to put in your two cents worth, that’s where the masterminding comes in.

A mastermind is typically a group of 6-10 entrepreneurs, at a similar level or better than you. You put your heads together to work on what matters, and collectively come up with great solutions to each others’ challenges.

This carefully curated club of awesome ladies will all be able to offer mastermind goodness with the sage advice, wisdom, business experience and strategies they’ve used for the problem you’re facing.

You’ll soon see we all struggle with the same things, and watch as your confidence soars when you realise you know stuff too! 

There’s pure power in having smart minds focused on helping you get out of your own way and step into your greatness. 


I get a feeling you and I want the same things - financial freedom, a thriving business, time freedom to do whatever damn well want, and a huge sense of purpose in what we do that makes us jump out of bed.

But wanting these things versus getting them all comes down taking consistent and intentional action.

And there’s nothing better than a juicy goal, accompanied by a healthy deadline, from which to work backwards to make this a reality.

It’s proven that you can achieve a heck of a lot in 90-days. 

Oh, and did I mention that we’ll be working in 30-day sprints within those 90 days?  To focus on the ONE thing you need to work on most?

For you this may be:

  • Focus: learning one self-coaching tool to get you out of imposter syndrome and into being the CEO of your life!
  • Action: creating and launching a lead magnet that drives people wild and grows your email list like crazy.
  • Income: crafting an actual profit plan so you have complete certainty on how you make money.

  • Focus: getting jazzed by your vision and seeing your business strategy become aligned by your new found clarity and your why. 
  • Action: knowing your red carpet clients inside and out so that all your offers are snapped up like crazy.
  • Income: implementing one sales funnel that earns you $2k a month on autopilot.

That adds up to a whole lot of progress and implementation, with results you will be tracking to make sure that $10k is in reach, and feels doable and achievable.

But it doesn’t stop there. 

As people who work with me know, I’m also adept at the art of ‘gentle ass-kicking’ and accountability.

According to Gretchen Rubin's Four Tendencies test, I’m an Upholder. This is good news for you. 

This means I have excellent internal and external accountability and will hold myself, and you, highly accountable.

I’m your new accountability BFF when it comes to you following through on what you said you would, when you don’t think you can, or you simply lack the intention, focus or willpower.

Run that all by me again, sister!

Here’s what will happen when you first join:
  1. Sign up as a $10K Club member and receive your login to Podia
  2. Once inside, watch my welcome video and complete the quick quiz, so we have a benchmark of where you’re at.
  3. Get access to your $10K Club HQ (our exclusive private Facebook Group) and meet your fellow lady posse!

Here’s what will happen within the week:
  • You will get access to the first foundational training lesson(s) in week one for you to dive into, that the $10K Club is designed on: Focus, Action and Income
  • You’ll be able to add the monthly live moaching call of your choice and mastermind session to your calendar so you never miss them.

Here’s what you can expect in our first 90 days:
  • Together, we will start to fix your business gaps in 30-day sprints across 90-day blocks.
  • Rinse and repeat. Focus on one revenue stream until it’s generating consistent revenue. Then, start on the next. 

The aim is to stay focused and intentional.

  • Monthly group moaching call - You get 60 minutes with Natalie and can apply for one of four hot seat spots, where I will personally laser coach you. There will be TWO calls so that you can attend the one in a timezone perfect for you (or attend both if it suits). 
  • Weekly Facebook Live Accountability session - in our Club HQ (aka Facebook Group) I’ll go live at the same time and day each week with a prompt to keep you focused and accountable on your goals. Every so often expect an impromptu dance party or cocktail celebration!
  • Monthly Mastermind Sessions (after first 30 days) - you’ll turn up live on Zoom for some mingling with your BFFs, and then be put into a breakout mastermind group with four awesome ladies to not only network, but get advice and help for your challenge of the month.
  • Bi-Monthly Guest Experts sharing their journeys and tactics - to $10k months and beyond using different business models and revenue streams - designed to inspire and motivate you! 
  • Quarterly rewards + prizes for top 3 members - who are smashing their 90-day action plans! Like a month’s membership free, a 1-to-1 moaching session with Natalie or a really cool surprise gift.

Why is the $10K Club going to work for me?

This membership is hyperfocused on one thing - you earning $10k a month.

That means we get to work on the foundations above, every 90 days, until you’re making some serious progress and gaining momentum.

What does that look like? 

  • You have a crystal clear vision of your why
  • You’re working on your bulletproof mindset
  • And building out your path to profit.

Rinse and repeat. Rinse and repeat. Nail one revenue stream and then introduce another. 

Until you hit $10k a month and 10X growth in you while never feeling overwhelmed. They’ll not be a hamster wheel in sight! 

Let’s talk about commitment

Now, I can’t promise you will get either of these results because that, my friend, is entirely up to you.

You can pay me to help you get the result you want, but I can’t be directly responsible for your success, because I’m not YOU.

Building a profitable business takes time. This won’t happen overnight, but inside the $10k club it will happen.

If you wish your life and business was just a little easier in any of these areas…

  • Staying true to your vision and goals
  • Getting and staying clear on your message and offers
  • Setting up your funnel so that it actually works
  • Knowing who to hire and when to grow your business
  • Growing your email list and audience daily
  • Being more self-disciplined and staying focused   
  • Having more confidence and inner belief in yourself
  • Having more time freedom and space to just be.

Then yep, you’re in the right place. 

Invest in you and you invest in others

My mission is to help 1,000 women earn $10,000 pm and donate at least 1% of their monthly revenue to a cause or charity dear to their heart.

Because I believe in totally living my beliefs and walking the talk, 10% of your monthly investment will go directly to the Freedom Fund and each quarter, you'll get to choose with me, which charities will receive the donations!

I set this up in 2018 through the Gift Trust, a registered charity and a 'Donor advised fund', which is the world's largest giving mechanism. It makes it easy for me (and you), to set aside funds for charitable causes and to donate to the causes they care about in a more proactive, strategic approach to donating. 
Each month I already donate $500 to my charity of choice, from my Freedom Fund, regardless of my income. You will be helping me give them even more!

I want to help 1,000 women earn $10,000 not just because it will make YOUR life better, but because of the powerful butterfly effect you’ll have on the world when you start building the business of your dreams. 

When you invest in this course, you invest in your future and in the future of thousands of others. 

What my amazing members have to say

Kathi Kamleitner

Content Creator, Digital Marketing Consultant, Brand Strategist

Marléne Rose Shaw

Therapist and Self-Help Author

Mirka Seidel

Life-Balance and Awareness Coach

Here’s my 100% action-taking money back guarantee

I’ve helped hundreds of women literally change their lives through my programs, business coaching, gentle ass-kicking accountability and no B.S advice and experience.

Creating your perfect lifestyle business however, comes with determination, strategic hustle and consistent action – yes you have to commit to your making your dreams come true. What’s more, it takes time.

I can teach you more than you can possibly imagine in the $10k Club and you can create some amazing results for yourself if you are willing to invest in yourself and trust that I believe in you and have your back.

However if, after the first 90-days together in this membership, you are not absolutely thrilled with your progress and results, I insist that you email me so that I can refund every penny of your investment!

I want you to have every opportunity to prove to yourself and me that financial freedom and a business you love are entirely possible. 

So the only thing left for you to do… is get started NOW!

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$10K Club

$197 / month
$1,997 / year (save 16%)
A membership of hyper-focused mastery, mentoring and masterminding designed to get you earning $10k a month in your business and 10X growth in you! 
Includes access to 3 products:
Get access


How will our $10K Club run?

When you enrol you'll get instant access to Podia as your Club home. You can watch my Welcome Video and take the short quiz.

This will also be where you can access my foundational video lessons dripped out over the first 60 days. Plus it's where I will post our live call recordings.

You will also be invited to our Facebook for our community group where I'll go live each week with a focus/ prompt, checkin and accountability.

When do we officially start?

Right now! We officially launch May 2020, and each month I will open up spots to applicants who fit the Club ethos.

When are the live calls?

We will have 2 x Moaching Hot Seat coaching calls per month. These will happen on the second Monday 8pm GMT (1pm PST) and Tuesday 8am UTC of each month (8pm NZ)

That way you can make the one best suited to your timezone which you can check here.

What about the Mastermind Sessions?

These will be once a month (starting in June) and announced two weeks in advance. I will set the theme for the mastermind, put you in great breakout groups and facilitate where needed. Then we will regroup to share our insights and wins.

Will I get personal access to you for reviews and feedback?

Yes, especially if you apply to be on the hot seal calls I will run twice a month. And you know you can always ask questions and for feedback in our Facebook Group.

How long does this membership run

This membership has an initial 12 month journey, as I truly believe that we need at least 3-6 months together to start seeing true progress towards your income goals, and even longer for your mindset and personal growth (which let's face it should be a lifelong investment). of $10K - or your choice. So I ask you to commit for at least 3 months. Then we can assess if it's a fit for us both.

How many members will be in the club?

I've designed this as an application only club, as it's important to me to curate the right bunch of amazing ladies. The aim is to grow this membership to around 50 members tops, slowly and consistently each month. That way I can give you the personal attention you deserve!

About your teacher

Hi. I'm Natalie Sisson, an Online Business Strategist, Author, Speaker, Podcaster, Teacher and lover of handstands.

For the last 9 years I've been designing, creating and selling over 30 online courses to the tune of $600,000 in revenue with 80% profit margins!

From mini launches through to the full shebang, I've done it all and along the way learned all the things you really need to do to rock a launch as well as some awesome screwups and failures. Those are the best!